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Our products are designed to optimize the time and cost of going from operational requirements to system deployment.

We believe that our customers should have the flexibility to select and integrate the components best suited to their needs. Our use of open standard tools gives our customers the freedom of choice they need.

Our products are designed to allow for easy control and system configuration with no need for coding or system development. 

STMS - Field Mission Planning and Rehearsal System

STMS is a field deployed Mission Rehearsal and Planning System. It encapsulates all features of a comprehensive mission planning and rehearsal process wherever it is needed. STMS is mounted on a mobile platform, equipped with standalone power source allowing for quick and flexible deployment.

PTS - Portable Training System

A Mobile Training System for Commanders

This portable system is designed for the training of commanders, facilitating decision-making exercises directly in the field adjacent to troop deployment. It provides an immersive virtual training environment for platoon leaders to practice operational procedures they will execute during live-fire exercises and combat scenarios. The interface allows intuitive team command through realistic battlefield communication protocols. Equipped with a VR interface and other peripherals (like a joystick), the system enhances the training experience. It gathers data on the trainee's actions, offering valuable feedback and performance statistics. The system includes a comprehensive portal that grants access to past training sessions, a repository of knowledge, and individual trainee profiles. Additionally, a specialized access feature is available for commanders to monitor their units' overall performance and tailor training programs accordingly.

STS - Smart Debriefing System

STS is a system for tactical recording and debriefing that can be deployed both in closed training facilities and in the field. STS collects real-time video, voice and locations sources. The system operator can easily bookmark important events in real-time and add notes for exercise debriefing and after-action review.

IGaaS- IG as a Service

IGaaS is an IG Streaming service add-on kit for aerial and ground platform-attached sensors.

It is an innovative product that can be used as an add-on to legacy simulators or as a stand-alone observation training system. It uses an HLA gateway to receive control-commands from and publish sensor data to remote systems.

It communicates with BlueIG via Sindiana's CIGI Host to control the camera properties and display customizable dynamic overlays.

The cameras themselves can be controlled remotely through a Control Panel application (FE App - setting orientation, FOV, sensor type etc.).

The use of HLA and CIGI make IGaaS agnostic to both the simulator and the IG.

IGaaS can also be part of our state-of-the-art SFW - Sindiana simple and easy to use Framework for battle-lab creation and deployment.

SFW- Sindiana Famework

Coming soon, stay tuned!

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